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The original vision behind YOP and the road ahead

DeFi has emerged as a viable alternative to the traditional financial systems, yet we are still in the early days of the technology and current protocols largely cater to the crypto natives. This means that unless users are willing to make a significant time commitment to gain experience and conduct due diligence, allocate capital and constantly monitor positions - the opportunity and the benefits of DeFi will not be capitalised on by the mass market.
The idea for YOP was originally conceived to address these issues and make DeFi more accessible to mass market adoption. In order to achieve this goal, YOP follows 3 key principles that shape development:
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    Enhance Accessibility: A user interface that makes YOP the most accessible and intuitive DeFi protocol on the market. Teach about the wider ecosystem with embedded educational resources when required.
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    Increase Transparency: A breakdown of how and where yield is being generated from. This will include historical performance data, risk evaluation and educational material on the underlying strategies.
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    Introduce Diversity: Allowing for exposure to multiple protocols across the top blockchains from a single interface. YOP manages diversification and mitigates risk so that users don't have to.
The above are long term principles that YOP strives to achieve. These principles shape the roadmap and priorities for development. To learn more about the YOP Vision and the key principles, see the YOP Whitepaper.

Development for YOP 2.0 started at the end of 2021 once Pluto Digital finalised taking over the project. Find out more about the history of YOP in the Appendix of the Whitepaper. For details of key milestones that have been hit, as well as upcoming features see tabs below.
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After finalising details of takeover and ensuring the sign-off from compliance (in Nov 2021), development and planning for YOP 2.0 started with the new team. By January 2022, the new vision for YOP had been delivered in the form of a Whitepaper. Revised Tokenomics also detailed the distribution and extended emissions curve for $YOP.
The first version of the YOP 2.0 dApp was released in February 2022. Since this was the Private Launch phase, access was only granted to community members that held the MEMExYOP NFT's. The initial launch came out with the USDC Vault ($50k cap) and the LockBox - where users could stake their $YOP. Over the course of the following weeks, the following additional Vaults were brought online: wETH, USDT, wBTC and DAI.
By the Public Launch phase of YOP 2.0, all 5 of the Vaults had been released and filled swiftly - hitting a $250k TVL in the Vaults. On top of this, over 1.8m $YOP was staked in the LockBox with an average lock of 39 months. Public Launch removes the requirement of holding the MEMExYOP NFT to access the dApp. The highly anticipated "Boost" feature was also released - allowing stakers to increase their returns within the Vault.
Addition of deep strategic analytics into the platform. This includes graphs and charts for the Vaults and Strategies, showing detailed analysis of the TVL and APY histories.
List the YOP token on additional crypto exchanges so it is more accessible. In addition, create new Strategies and deploy these into the Vaults for public use.
Release YOP on multiple chains and create Vaults on these chains. Create and gain direct access to Strategies running on these chains. Offer Vaults that include Strategies from multiple chains and can be accessed from multiple chains.
Start involving the YOP community in the decision-making process for YOP platform development.
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