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Understanding YOP
A short guide to understanding the basics of earning yield on your crypto with YOP
Good to know: Getting started with YOP is easy, but there are a few key concepts to grasp. This small guide is intended for beginners that may have heard of DeFi, but not yet tried it for themselves. If you are unsure of any terms, click on the bold statements to learn more.

YOP enables you to passively generate yield on your crypto holdings. The main goal is to take the hassle out of DeFi - where significant time dedication and economies of scale are required to efficiently allocate crypto holdings.
The key product offered by YOP is the Vault, where you deposit your crypto tokens such as USDC or ETH. On behalf of the depositors, the Vaults allocate these tokens to the best Strategies currently available across DeFi protocols. Each strategy goes through a thorough screening process via the Risk Engine. The Vaults will also frequently compound returns by re-investing earnings to increase yield. Despite what the name "Vault" may suggest, your funds are never locked - you can withdraw at any moment in time.
It's important to mention that YOP is a decentralised application (or dApp). dApps are unique in the sense that they are completely transparent - meaning you can see exactly where your tokens are being allocated at all times. This is a stark contrast to centralised yield Apps that do not fully embrace the technology they advocate. While you have funds within YOP, you remain 100% in control of your crypto.

The YOP token is at the heart of the protocol and has 3 key purposes: Value Accrual, Utility and Governance.
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    Value Accrual: All the revenue generated on YOP go back to the holders who have staked $YOP in the LockBox. This rewards holders who have a vested interested in the protocol.
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    Utility: Holders that have staked $YOP receive a Boost on their returns in the Vaults. This further rewards holders that have a vested interest in the protocol.
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    Governance: Stakers will have a say in the future of the protocol. This includes voting on which Vaults should have the highest $YOP emissions and the future chains / protocols YOP should support.
Find out about $YOP, the Tokenomics and where you can buy some!
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